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Dust off those books, pack away those pencil cases and strap into your lifejackets - it's time for a history lesson 21st century style!

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Stuck in Science? Horrible in History? Failing French?

Thames Rockets invites you to throw away the rulebook and join us in a classroom like no other.

Not only are we the No1 Tourist Attraction in the UK, but we also specialise in activity based learning for students across the country. 

Our tours will introduce you to the 2000 years of fire and plague, Kings and Queens, lives and deaths (with some horrible history facts along the way). Meet all the greats from Henry VIII to King Charles, Shakespeare to Churchill and Beckham to Boris!We will ensure your students witness the stories that have shaped London all from the comfortable cushioned seats of your very own Thames Rockets speedboat. 

After experiencing our whistle-stop city history tour, get ready to hold on tight and ride the river Thames waves as we blast you through Canary Wharf at 35mph - the perfect way to help your students cement their London learning.

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