Thames Rockets Red Monday January Sale!

Published by Maisie Walker 185 days ago

As the winter chill sets in, there’s no better way to beat the January blues than by embarking on an exhilarating Thames Rockets London speedboat adventure! This year, Thames Rockets is turning Blue Monday RED with a whopping 50% off on our top 4 most popular river Thames cruise adventures! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fuelled journey along the iconic river Thames, where the cool winds and dazzling city lights create the most unique, enchanting atmosphere - the perfect London winter activity. 

Thames Rockets Red Monday January Sale:

Add an extra dash of excitement to the dreary month of January with the Thames Rockets London 50% off January sale! Our Red Monday London January sale offers a huge 50% off on four of our most sought-after London speedboat adventures, promising an unforgettable way to kick off the new year. 


Red Monday: 

Thames Rockets are turning Blue Monday RED for one day only.

The discount will be running from 9am today until 11:59pm today, so make sure to take advantage before the discount ends! 

What is Blue Monday? 

Blue Monday refers to a concept that is often considered the most depressing day of the year. It is typically associated with the third Monday in January, which is considered to be a time when people may feel a combination of post-holiday blues, gloomy weather, failed New Year’s resolutions and a lack of pay day. 

Blue Monday does not exist here at Thames Rockets! We are turning Blue Monday RED with a massive 50% off sale across our most popular experiences. Turn that frown upside down and check out what we have to offer - there’s nothing more exciting than a London speedboat ride! 

What Experiences Can I Book With The 50% Off RED Monday January Sale?  

  1. The Ultimate London Adventure: 50% OFF!

Experience the best of London’s landmarks like never before with our most popular experience - The Ultimate London Adventure! With this incredible Thames Rockets experience, you’ll soar past iconic London landmarks such as: The London Eye, The Houses Of Parliament, The Shard, Tower Bridge London, all whilst laughing all the way with our professional actor/comedian guides! Finally, once the sights have been seen, you’ll BLAST along the Thames and through the docklands at 35mph! Don’t miss the chance to capture the breathtaking views of the city skyline while enjoying an adrenaline rush like no other. 


2. Thames Barrier Explorer’s Voyage - 50% OFF!

For those seeking a more immersive journey full of all the very best Thames Rockets features then this is the one for you! Uncover hidden gems along the Thames as you sail to the awe-inspiring Thames Barrier. Starting at the London Eye, this 80 minute experience will show you all of London’s iconic sights, paired with a hilarious guided tour, and an extended speed section all the way to the Thames Barrier. Take in the incredible engineering marvels of the Thames Barrier while enjoying try thrill of a high-speed London river cruise through London’s historic waterways. 


3. Break The Barrier - 50% OFF!

Hop aboard your very own 21st century red rocket London speedboat at Bankside Pier for 45 minutes of PURE SPEED! Leave all other boats bobbing in your wake as you blast through the docklands and past some of London’s most incredible landmarks including: Canary Wharf, The Royal Naval College, the O2 Arena and most importantly, the Thames Barrier! Once you’ve flown down the Thames and cruised through the Barrier, speed all the way back to where it all started at Bankside Pier. If you’re looking for a London speedboat experience with less talking and more speeding, this is the one for you! 


4. Thames Lates -  50% OFF!

Witness the magic of London at sunset with this incredible London sunset speedboat experience. Start your journey at The London Eye Pier and get ready for a London sunset experience you will certainly never forget! Cuddle up to your +1 as you listen to some light London history we guarantee you’ve never heard before. Check out London’s dreamy landmarks as the sun casts it’s glow onto the beautiful London skyline. Once at Tower Bridge, blast through the docklands and into Canary Wharf at a whopping 35mph - A quirky London date night idea that you cannot miss! Once back at Tower Bridge, crack open a delicious 6 O’Clock gin and marvel at the beauty of London once more. If you fancy a London date night with a twist, this is certainly one to check out. 


So, you’ve found out what experiences you can get 50% off on, but now it’s time to show you why hopping on a Thames Rockets speedboat in the winter is just as amazing as the summer… 

Why Thames Rockets in winter? 

1. Spectacular winter views: Experience London’s winter wonderland from a unique vantage point. The crisp winter air visibility, offering unobstructed views of the city’s most famous landmarks. Capture the seasonal charm as iconic structures glisten against the cold backdrop, creating a picturesque scene only achievable during the winter months

2. Beat the crowds: Winter brings a serene atmosphere to the Thames, with fewer tourists crowding the riverside. Enjoy a more intimate and personal speedboat adventure as you navigate the waterways without the usual London hustle and bustle. The absence of crowds allows you to savour the city’s beauty in a peaceful and undisturbed setting. With less crowds comes more availability - take advantage of the quiet and secure your favourite date and time without the worry of losing it! 

3. Adrenaline boost: Combat the winter blues with an invigorating shot of adrenaline. The combination of brisk winds and high-speed navigation creates an exhilarating experience that not only defines the weather but also uplifts your spirits! Embrace the thrill with Thames Rockets and feel the rush like never before. 

 4. Exclusive discounts for Red Monday: The Thames Rockets Red Monday sale is your ticket to an affordable winter adventure! Grab 50% off our top 4 most popular experiences - making it the perfect time to seize the moment. Whether you’re a local explorer or a visitor seeking a unique London experience, Thames Rockets provides an unbeatable opportunity to not only revel in the excitement of winter, but to do it all with 50% off! 

When does the Red Monday sale end? 

Our Thames Rockets Red Monday January sale ends today at 11:59pm. 

How do I get 50% off Thames Rockets? 

Click here to head to our list of experiences and choose one of our top 4: 

  1. The Ultimate London Adventure 
  2. Thames Barrier Explorer’s Voyage 
  3. Break The Barrier
  4. Thames Lates 

How Long Is The Thames Rockets 50% Discount Valid For?

The 50% discount is valid on sailings between now and 31.05.2023. Vouchers purchased in the Thames Rockets Red Monday January sale will be valid for 6 months. 

The Thames Rockets Red Monday sale is a golden opportunity to turn the winter blues into an unforgettable adventure. With a 50% discount on our top four experiences, there’s no better time to explore the beauty of London from the river Thames! Embrace the season, beat the crowds, and indulge in an adrenaline rush that will leave you with memories that you will certainly never forget. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer - book your Thames Rockets adventure before 11:59pm today and navigate the winter blues with speed, style and savings! 

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